Thank You For Trusting Us To Care For Your Pet!

Grooming Appointment Requirements

All pets must be current on their rabies vaccinations in order to be groomed. If your pet has not vaccinated at New Bedford Veterinary Hospital,

you must bring in proof of previous vaccinations that have been giving within the past year. 

This policy will be strictly enforced, both for your pet’s health and in the best interest of our other patients.

Feline Bath                                                                 $18

Canine Bath                                                                $22

Nail Trim                                                                      $13

Anal Gland Expression                                             $20

Soft Paws                                                                       $20

All grooming's/baths include the bath, complimentary nail trim and ear cleaning. 

Anal gland expression and teeth brushing is also complimentary if the pet is here for a bath.

In addition to our technicians offering nail trims, baths, and soft paw applications during our regular office hours,

New Bedford Veterinary Hospital is currently only offering a bath service to our clients.

Bathing appointments at New Bedford Veterinary Hospital can be scheduled by calling our office during business hours at

(508) 995–9009. 

BATHING Servcies